eclipse round up

The early part of last week was characterized by some easy, productive aspects. Even the moon in Aries, setting off the cardinal t-square, seemed to be more inspiring than tense (oh, there was plenty of tension, but I'm speaking relatively).

As we got to Thursday, we were pulled into the vortex of the full moon lunar eclipse and Uranus station. These two important aspects happened within 12 hours of each other, essentially blending their energies into one mega-aspect.

The Uranus station suggests a theme of change, innovation, and movement. In the sign of Aries, we can add direction, and personal needs standing out above other considerations. The trick to handling Uranian energy (especially in Aries), is to assert yourself without running over others like a freight train. It's not as easy as it sounds.

The eclipse, on the other hand, was on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. Here we are challenged to find the big picture, a perspective that can encompass all the individual stories. A good strategy is actually to connect with others and see what they have to say - not easy as both eclipses and Uranus stations don't encourage patience.

Taken as positive energy, these last few days were a chance to open up to our own truths, to recognize and accept things that we weren't aware of or didn't want to face. There's an almost reckless courage that comes from full moons and Uranus stations, and that can be very helpful. Once the window is open, the fresh air comes in. You may have felt like you said too much or opened up a bit more than you would have at other times. Now that the moon is in Cancer, you may want to retreat a little. But the fresh air feels good.

Looking at the news, I found that on the collective level, things were gruesome. Beginning with the Virginia Tech shooting, all I found was stories about murders - old and new. Again, now that the moon is in Cancer, we'll be feeling more protective, and we're likely to see that the madness of the shootings over the last few days creates greater suspicion and more calls for 'law & order' - which will probably be applied to peaceful protestors.

Take the next few days to integrate the energy and insights of this weekend. It was a powerful time, and if we can get past ego defensiveness, the growth opportunities are great.

(the picture is of the Ecuadorian Andes, for no particular reason)