India's popular anti-corruption leader Anna Hazare was jailed yesterday. The Indian government said it was necessary to prevent violence... leading Hazare to comment that the current Indian government has more in common with the British Raj than a true democracy.

We've seen a lot of clamp-downs on freedom for our own protection lately. San Fransisco's BART system cut off cell phone use over the weekend out of fear that protests would turn violent, leading to both controversy and retaliation (see yesterday's post).

Uranus-in-Aries rebels like Hazare, Wikileaks, and Anonymous are challenging government and business power structures, which are responding in a Pluto-in-Capricorn way. Pluto will transform the powers that be, but in Plutonian fashion will probably do so by bringing both sides to an extreme.

But the powers that be are concerned.
BART allowed the protests to go on yesterday without turning off passenger cell phones. They took care of the protesters the old fashioned way - with police in riot gear. No arrests were made.