Today’s early-morning blast in Bogota, Colombia can be seen as another manifestation of the Jupiter-Pluto square that was angular in that country on August 3rd. In fact, the time of the blast, around 5:30 a.m. corresponds very closely to the square, with the ascendant for the blast on the aspect’s sun and the midheaven on its moon. Click here for the BBC story.


For the most part, today is a quiet day, with the moon void-of-course until 6:42 p.m., EDT. However, as soon as Luna arrives in the normally balanced sign of Libra, she’ll begin making aspect to the Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn-Pluto T-square. Creativity might be running very high this evening, but so may tensions. Relationships (of all kinds) will be particularly vulnerable, and this is a time when feelings that have been submerged for a time may come to the surface, in both constructive and challenging ways.