Papal Bull

Pope Francis' tour to the U.S. is making big news, and the feel here in New York is one of excitement and welcoming. But...

The Pope arrives in the city on Thursday evening, just hours before Pluto stations to go direct - a day when power brokers tremble or stride. He will address the United Nations in New York on Friday, the day that Mars squares Saturn.

Mars in Virgo square to Saturn in Sagittarius sounds a lot like throwing facts in the face of established beliefs. It makes sense that the Pope will be advocating for the poor, homeless, and disenfranchised before the established powers of the world. But...

Sagittarius is also the sign associated with religion, and Saturn in the sign can indicate rigid dogma - something that Mars in Virgo might like to challenge with some facts from the other side of the fence.

It will be interesting to see if Pope Francis can take the heat as well as he dishes it out. He has a good-guy reputation, but within the context of an institution that is dealing with both ideological and practical schisms, and there may be more than a bit of hypocrisy to point out.

Whatever happens, watch the progress of the Pope's U.S. tour - it will say a lot about the themes of Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two years.