Today, the sun will be trine to Jupiter. This naturally fiery pair will be in the earthy signs of Virgo and Taurus, suggesting abundance and material wealth: Think King of Pentacles.

We could overdo it a bit, especially with too much food, and perhaps with too much work. But the Scorpio moon will help to keep us from going too far overboard. Like a deep keel reaching down into dark waters, the Scorpio moon helps to keep the buoyant sun-Jupiter ship in balance. A little reminder of serious issues even amidst celebrations, it can be kind of like digging your fingernails into your hand to stop from laughing at a solemn occasion.

Today's energy is very constructive, so use it well. Prudence, rather than excess, is suggested (but you don't have to be a prude about it!). At best, we will experience deep appreciation for what we have, even as we recognize that all that we build is ultimately transitory.

Collectively, we can see the same process at work. The economic forecast was dimmed yesterday (it wasn't glowing to begin with), and unemployment in the U.S. remained flat at 9.1%. Scorpionic news even as the Obama and his Republican foes argue over the best course of action.

And hey - on another note - last week Michele Bachmann "joked" that the East Coast earthquake was a sign from God. What jest will she make now that Sarah Palin's
Alaska was hit by a quake yesterday?