Venus in ashes

Sure enough, the last few days around the first quarter moon brought up relationship issues and prominent females, and the Scorpio moon made its dark energy felt.


First, poor Dr. Laura. She didn’t call anyone anything, she used a word that you can’t say (unless you’re say, Kanye West). But you can’t even use that word to talk about that word. You have to call it the N-Word. A few years ago, the NAACP had a ceremony where they “buried” the word. Apparently, it’s a zombie.

Ironically, of course, is that in not even allowing someone to say it, we exponentially increase its power. Lenny Bruce understood that... but his understanding didn’t keep him out of jail.

A California judge decided that he won’t decide on the gay marriage ban until December. Some folks will no doubt say that this issue - which predictably came to a head this week as Saturn and Jupiter came to an opposition in Libra-Aries (check the forecast, I said it would...) - is delayed because of the upcoming elections. But you and I know that it’s Venus’ retrograde in October and November.

And even more soberly, the New York Times reported yesterday that a young couple was stoned to death in Afghanistan - for eloping. They were lured back to their village, where friends and family joined in their collective punishment. Saturn rules stones, and he’s in the tradition-oriented sign of Libra, dealing with relationships.

Abject cruelty, vapid stupidity and self-righteous moralism are not ruled by any planet in the heavens, but are found in quantity here on Earth.