clear as a bell

With the sun opposing Neptune today as Mercury stations to retrograde, it would be a poor time to say anything with certainty. The issues of the day may get us carried away, but the odds are there is a fair amount of misinformation in air.

You can see that in your personal life, especially at work or if business deals are on the menu. But that same energy is coloring the “big” issues of the day, as well. We’re still in the shadow of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition that began the week, pitting the status quo against the forces of change and the values of community against the individual. In the great paradox of things, we often see the energy of one side mixed with the other - for example, Aries’ warrior stance affecting the collective.

The now prominent “Ground Zero Mosque” (actually an Islamic Center about two blocks away) is one of the flagship issues, especially since President Obama said last weekend that they have the right to go ahead with the plans for the center. The president later clarified that having the right doesn’t make it a good idea.

But the president is speaking in the United States, where attention to detail is not a strength - this is the land of KISS (Keep it simple, stupid), after all. Apparently, one in five Americans think President Obama is a Muslim (click here for a story on this). That’s odd, considering all the hoopla about his pastor’s remarks during the campaign. Oh, but that was two years ago.

Daisy Khan, according to the Washington Post, wants to know when “Muslims will be accepted as plain old Americans?” Yet, that may be a little difficult when Saudi Arabia, a country that follows Islamic law, produces stories like this.

Yet some things are clear, like the pullout of U.S. combat troops from Iraq. To the extent anyone really pays attention, this was taken as very good news. Of course, 50,000 American troops will remain as “advisors” (geesh, they must be chewing the Iraqi’s ears off with all their advice). Clear as a bell.