Resolution, and Resolutions...

Venus was retrograde in Capricorn from December 21, 2013 until January 31st, 2014. Yes, the usual Venus retrograde things happened - old relationships may have been reheated, or at least there may have been some connection in order to reach a feeling of resolution. New relationships that began in late in the fall may have started bright, only to fizzle just as quickly.

But Venus was in the sign we associate with business, government, and institutions, and we shouldn’t overlook how those things were affect. For example, the stock market shot upwards early in the period, then tumbled lower throughout January.

The 40 days of Venus retrograde is associated with the 40 days of the flood, Jesus’ time in the desert, the Lenten season, and many other examples of going inward and not indulging in outward pleasures. It’s interesting that it occurred during the time of year we usually associate with indulgence and spending.

One particularly interesting aspect of this Venus retrograde was that it occurred in a sign associated with business during the time of year when many businesses get their biggest boost due to holiday shopping. It sure seemed like people were going crazy on Black Friday (after Thanksgiving in the U.S.), but apparently holiday sales were somewhat weak. Each of us is both observer and participant (or nonparticipant) in the phenomenon. We watch and see what other people are doing, and note how it will affect the economy. But we also have to make our own spending decisions, and in that sense participate in the outcome.

It seems like this Venus retrograde was a time to not only revisit and come to some resolution about relationship issues, but also a time to make resolutions about our spending habits and participation in our consumer economy. Nothing is resolved in a day - or 40 days - of course. But perhaps the retrograde brought some awareness about our spending habits.