I can only assume that Sarah Palin is aware that the word she used to describe what she says President Obama lacks on immigration is Spanish. She must have used it ironically, although - and it’s early in the morning and I’m still on my first cup of coffee - I fail to see what the irony could be.
Palin made her comments this weekend, as Mars opposed the Saturn-Uranus opposition. In Libra, Mars is most likely to express itself in words, and aggression is often put in a very civil form.

Iran’s President Ahmaninejad also offered to negotiate one-on-one with Obama, another example of Mars-in-Libra aggressiveness - “we can talk, but only on terms you would never accept.”

The energy of the weekend will continue to move us forward as we approach the volatile Jupiter-Pluto square tomorrow morning. Look for evidence - at the international and very local levels - that righteousness might be getting out of hand. There’s always some danger around when people or groups are sure they are in the right.