you said wha?

After the quiet of the long Pisces void, the moon is in Aries. Luna's already met up with Uranus and squared Pluto, and she's heading for an edgy square to Venus at 5:56 pm EST. An active, outgoing approach to relationship is called for, but if that doesn't appeal there could be some partnership tensions.

A few minutes later, retrograde Mercury will square Mars, and we could say exactly what we think (at least at the moment). This aspect will also spur us to action, although we can be very impulsive when these two planets rub each other the wrong way. With Mercury retrograde, we might wind up going back to an old issue (perhaps something from late October).

The tension calms later in the evening, with easy lunar aspects. At best, today should have us busy early on, then doing a little fine tuning later. At worst, difficulties encountered early in the day can be worked out in the evening. With Venus trining Mars at 10:07 am EST Monday morning, we might find that all's well that ends well.