yikes again!

It’s a rarity to have two Astroblog posts in one day, but the Staten Island Ferry crash this morning begs for some attention. I’m afraid, however, that I will have to go into a little ‘astrologese’ for this one. I beg your pardon.

When I heard about the crash, I pulled up the chart for this morning and for the crash on October 25, 2003. It’s especially appropriate because it is the same boat, the Andrew J. Barberi (pictured) that was involved in both crashes.
Could it be the Saturn square (7 1/4 years) of the first crash?

Turns out no. But I was intrigued to see that both the moon’s south node and the ascendant of today’s crash were conjunct (to within a degree - in fact the ascendant is within eight minutes) of the Saturn of the 2003 crash. That puts the ascendant and the nodes within a degree of the 2003 Chiron, which was opposing Saturn at the time.

Neptune, which was in the 12th house, two minutes off the Aquarius ascendant in 2003, is within a degree of the 2003 chart ruler, Uranus. And both the moon and Chiron were in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, this morning. Uranus is now at 29 Pisces, exactly 30 degrees (again, within a degree) of his 2003 position (says something about the value of those elusive semi-sextiles, no?).

Perhaps the most telling thing, though, is according the NTSB report on the 2003 accident, the ferry was commissioned in 1981, which means that it is having it’s Saturn return.

Of course, post-hoc analysis can be rich with astrological symbolism, but it would never lead to prediction before the fact.

Today’s crash clearly echos the 2003 disaster, although thankfully it was much less severe. Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, and Neptune seem to have it in for this vessel. Or perhaps they are just testing our resolve.