Mixed Messages

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen two powerful configurations in the sky. The Cardinal Cross, which is an extension of the Uranus-Pluto square, and the Grand Trine, which was especially strong in 2013.

Briefly, the Cardinal Cross is all about the push for deep transformative change, and also the resistance to it (resistance increases the power of the transformation, the way stretching a bow further back makes the arrow fly farther forward). The champion of change in this configuration is revolutionary Uranus in the impatient and impetuous sign of Aries. The other planets are of course also part of the process in one way or another, but Uranus is pushing forward without reserve.

The Grand Trine in Water Signs, as it is poetically called, involves easy aspects among Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer. This emotionally-charged cosmic pattern favors a more conservative and cautious approach, although when riled up the emotional tone can also go to extremes. I credit the Grand Trine with helping to keep financial markets buoyant in otherwise challenging times, and also with helping the powers-that-be stay powerful (where that has been the case).

There have been two points of connection between the Square and the Trine. Most obviously, Jupiter in Cancer has been part of both configurations, helping to rally energy towards the group, the clan, the country. It is an energy that helps to maintain stability, although that may not last and may not be what is needed at the moment. The other connection has been an easy sextile between Saturn and Pluto, an aspect that has helped Plutocrats everywhere (especially since the planets are in mutual reception).

The friction of the Cardinal Cross has been greased by the oil of the Grand Trine. It’s very complex, because the Cross and the Trine both work themselves out over time, but we can say that there has been a drop more stability over the past couple of years than we might have otherwise seen.

It’s not that deep changes aren’t occurring, but they have perhaps happened more behind the scenes than we may have expected. Rather than the overt revolutionary energy of the Occupy Movement, which quickly fizzled, we have seen more protracted and less obvious conflicts, at least in the Western world.

In July of 2014, there is a subtle but powerful aspect in effect all month, the quincunx between Uranus and Saturn. The planet most associated with revolutionary energy and the one most conservative and traditional are in this awkward relationship. With a quincunx, it is not a matter of overt conflict, as when two people disagree on an issue. The traditional astrologers explained a quincunx by saying the two planets do not see each other. That is, they are coming from totally different perspectives.

On both the personal and collective level, we see both the desire to move forward (Uranus in Aries) and a desire to be safe and secure (Saturn in Scorpio). Start the revolution, but don’t touch my retirement account. Let’s try something new in our partnership, but have dinner ready when I get home. Become an entrepreneur, but have financial security. Perhaps the operative phrase might be, “Give us our freedom!” (for after all, who is giving you what is yours to begin with, and if it is given it can be taken away).

From the 8th to the 12th of July, we have opportunities to bring these conflicts to light, to see them more clearly. What has been operating under the surface will become more obvious. That process may be challenging in some ways, but hold onto the insights of these days, for they will help when the energy of the quincunx peaks around the Uranus and Saturn stations from the 19th to the 21st (and a few days on either side).

Listen to all the voices in your head. Note that while they may disagree at some points, it is also the case that they are each saying separate things without really addressing each other directly. It isn’t so much a matter of yes/no or this/that decisions, but more like trying to move in two different directions at the same time.

Listen also to all the voices of those around you. Each individual may be offering a unique perspective, although you may notice that others are no more consistent than you are.

In our collective lives, listen to the disparate voices in politics and on social issues. Do they even hear each other?

While the Cross and the Trine have thus far managed to work out a cozy agreement, the quincunx between Uranus and Saturn makes maintaining the status quo more difficult. To the extent that we bring awareness to the emerging conflicts in our personal and collective lives, we can influence the course of change in a positive way.