more than oil is spilling

It is often the case that we see and feel an eclipse most strongly before or after it occurs.

Sunday’s eclipse, on the 11th, seems to be a case of the shock waves coming afterwards. Monday and Tuesday seem to have been fairly dreadful for a lot of people. There was a kind of low-level crankiness, and the complaints of fatigue were numerous. Yesterday, things seemed to get somewhat back to normal, at least enough for me to take a look at the news.

Two stories seem very eclipse-related. Remember that Pluto ties into these past two eclipses, and that means things which are buried (and come to the surface).

Well, oil is still a buried thing coming to the surface all over the Gulf, but we can’t blame that on the eclipse. BP has been under criticism for its handling of the disaster, and around the lunar eclipse a couple of weeks ago it got a ribbing for its safety procedures. Even Exxon felt justified in saying a few words against BP.

Yesterday, as the moon made a trine to Pluto, it came out that BP lobbied the British government for the 2007 transfer to Libya of a prisoner convicted in the 1988 Lockerbie/Pan Am bombing.
The other case-in-point is also just another node in an ongoing story, the Vatican’s response (?) to priests’ sexual abuse. Click here for the Associated Press story. The Vatican extended from 10 to 20 years the statute of limitations on sexual abuse, but did not put in place measures to see that such cases are reported.

Plutonian power meets Plutonian power.