A Bridge Too Far

When I first looked at the chart of the November 3, 2013 solar eclipse, set to New York City, I wasn’t overly impressed. The eclipse was in the 12th house, and of course it was in Scorpio, so it seemed that whatever was going on would happen behind the scenes and be well covered (or covered up), at least for a while. I assumed it would be a while before we saw any direct manifestation of the eclipse, if the public got to see it at all.

Still, a twelfth house eclipse got my interest, so I put the eclipse onto the chart of the city (January 1st, 1898 at midnight). The chart comparison proved to be more illuminating. The eclipse landed in the city’s second house, suggesting financial issues, and Pluto, the dispositor of the eclipse, was in the third house. My expectations were that the city’s already strained public transportation system would get even more stressed in some way. Uranus transiting in Aries was also opposite the city’s twelfth house Jupiter (hiding less than a degree behind the ascendant). That, I thought, spoke to the certain election of Bill DeBlasio, the city’s progressive new mayor who was elected just two days after the eclipse and who clearly represents a challenge to the city’s fat cat power brokers.

On December 1st, a Metro North commuter train derailed in the Bronx (within the city limits), killing four people and injuring 65. This accident was dramatic and troubling, even by the standards of public transportation in the area.

The Capricorn ingress in December of 2013 represented another challenge to the city, with the sun and the MC again in the city’s third house, with Pluto close to the IC and Mars approaching the city’s Jupiter. Surely, though, the effects couldn’t be as dramatic, and they weren’t. Yet Metro North was again affected, with a power outage stopping all service on the night of January 23rd for two hours. A federal report on Metro North was scathing in its assessment of the railroad, and by extension the Metropolitan Transportation Authority that oversees all public transportation in the area.

Yet it isn’t just the city’s public transportation, but the public’s transportation that has been affected. In what has probably been the region’s biggest story of the year, it was revealed that people working close to New Jersey Governor Chis Christie intentionally created a traffic jam for several days on the George Washington Bridge, which connects the city to New Jersey. Those who don’t live in the congested traffic of the city can scarcely appreciate the ire aroused by an intentional traffic jam. The fallout has all but scuttled Christie’s chances for the presidency in 2016. Christie, a large man, has Jupiter opposite his sun-Pluto conjunction. While not technically a New Yorker, he certainly represents some Jupiterian energy.

New York is again in the crosshairs of the Aries ingress, with Mars retrograding in the city’s first house, and the Mars station less than one degree from the city’s ascendant as Uranus hangs around the descendant. A rash of dramatic fires has hit the city, and a building explosion... stopped Metro North for a day, once again.