rebel, rebel

India and Pakistan have seen terrorist attacks in the last 24 hours. Maoist rebels (apparently there are sill Maoist rebels) are suspected of attacking a train in India, while in Lahore a mosque was attacked.
It’s a little hard to get a fix on the exact time that these things happened, but they happened at the full moon in Sagittarius (a sign associated with beliefs and world views) and on the day that revolutionary Uranus moved into Aries. Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto (Jupiter, too) were at least close to rising or culminating at the time of the ingress.

Uranus in Aries is can be expected to stoke rebellion and conflict. At an personal level, it will have many of us asserting our individuality. The next seven years should see a lot recognition that “I gotta be me,” especially where relationships are concerned.

But on a collective level, things tend to get expressed at a lowest-common-denominator level. Rebel bands and survivalist groups form and move into action with this kind of energy behind them. But at any level, from the survivalists in their bunkers in the woods to the corporate raiders in their midtown offices, this is a time when we will see groups “going rogue.”

The Thai government has dealt harshly with the Red Shirt protestors, one of the more obvious manifestations of this energy. Outer planets like Uranus “cast their shadows before themselves”, and in the Thai reaction to the protestors, we see that the forces of the status quo are unlikely to sit by quietly while rebels emerge.

That, of course, is good news and bad, depending on what rebels and establishments you happen to be looking at. Uranus certainly isn’t playing politics here on Planet Earth, and as long as we manifest the potential energy, that is enough for him.