a-Voidance therapy

Long and Frequent Moon Voids Haunt Early December 2016

Today, the moon went void at 6:23a EST, and won't enter Pisces until 11:41p. That's more than 17 hours of void time, and here on the East Coast of the U.S., it pretty much swallows up the entire waking day (it gets all of our precious daylight, at any rate!).

So, what do you do and not do with a void moon?

It's better not to start new projects or make major purchases. Decisions reached with the moon void often fail to be carried out, and great ideas can fizzle. In both cases, the planned actions turn out to be 'yesterday's news' very fast, as we move on to new things when the moon enters the next sign.

It is a fine time to continue with projects and plans already underway. The moon void is great for sleeping and daydreaming, but if it comes during an active part of the lunar cycle (like today), we may not be inclined to take the time off.

Can you use a moon void to 'a-void' some consequences?

To an extent. It's said of actions taken on a moon void that 'nothing will come of it'. But that's a bit of a gamble, because another facet of the moon's void is that when major actions do occur, it is because they already have been decided.

So, for example, if you show up to court on a moon void, it could be that the judge is out sick and the case isn't heard, or it could be that she has already made her decision and there's nothing you can do about it.

It isn't a particularly bad time to deliver bad news, however. So, if you have a bomb to drop with someone - like quitting your job, being unable to finish a report on time, or expressing your feelings to your significant other - the moon void may be the time to do so.

Astrology consultations? Depends. It's actually a very good time to step back and get some perspective on life, and consider the recent past and future possibilities. What you can't do is to pick a date for an event or answer a horary question.

Just some random thoughts on the moon's void... I'm not really going anywhere with it... after all, the moon's void...