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All Ashore

This probably won't interest nonastrologers, but the moon is void, so why not?

The Seastreak Ferry crash in lower Manhattan this morning has interesting resonances with the 2003 crash of the Staten Island Ferry as it approached the dock on Staten Island.

The ascendant degree and midheaven are virtually the same (2 Sag 06 MC in 2003, 3 Sag 15 MC today). In 2003, Neptune was in the 12th house, just two degrees off the ascendant, while today's Mars is within a degree of the 2003 ascendant (and hence conjunct the 2003 Neptune. Neptune today is at 1 Pisces 19, just a bit more than a degree away from the 2003 Mars.

The moon of today's crash is just a smidgeon past the 2003 Pluto. Mercury was square Saturn in the 2003 crash, and it is opposite Saturn today. There are also interesting correlates to the May 2010 crash of the same ferry boat as the 2003 crash, available in this archived Astroblog.