What's different about an integral consultation? For one thing, we'll do a little preparation work together before the actual meeting, so we know which areas of life you feel you need to focus on now, and which are moving along more or less on track. But the key difference is that we'll work together to come up with an action plan for taking astrological insights and turning them into successful strategies for living fully.

At the actual meeting, we'll focus on five specific core areas: relationships, handling money and material possessions, career development and your role in society, physical well-being, and creativity. You'll learn how your birth chart suggests where you can focus your energy best to evolve each of these areas. While the consultation focuses on you personally, you'll also discover more about your relationship to larger wholes - family, culture, groups to which you belong, your generation, humanity, and perhaps even the Cosmos. By looking at your life from both the inside and the outside, you'll have a greater sense of perspective and your unique purpose in life.

Supplemental areas, which we can focus on as you choose, include music, art and aesthetics; learning styles; sexuality; gender roles, and philosophy/religion.

Spirituality is part of any integral consultation, because it is the totality and integration of all the other areas.

Each Integral Consultation includes:

- A pre-consultation interview to determine which areas we are going to focus on.

- An hour and a half consultation.

- A personalized 8 - 10 page comprehensive written summary report. This is not a computer generated report, but one which is written especially for you.

- A 45 minute follow-up call or meeting.

The cost for the total Integral Consultation is $250.

Integral consultations are appropriate if you are concerned with personal growth and development, whether or not you are in the midst of a particular period of stress (relationship, career).

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