Civil Rights

As Jupiter transitions from Gemini to Cancer, it's easy to see how civil rights issues are coming to a head, in a number of ways. Jupiter in Cancer helps knit together the grand trine in Water signs, with Saturn providing structure in Scorpio, and Neptune working to dissolve boundaries in Pisces.

The U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 certainly seem to help to dissolve the boundaries between people. On the other hand, the decision striking down the key parts of the Voting Rights Act seems ready to set the stage for a resurgence of Jim Crow laws in the South. Conservatives are applauding the decision, promising that Jim Crow is dead.

At the same time, however, Food Network host Paula Deen of Savannah, Georgia, lost her job over her use of racist language. It's hardly anything more than a symbolic question mark, of course, but Georgia was one of the states covered by the Voting Rights Act. Deen is a cook (Cancer) with a penchant for rich (Jupiter) foods, and apparently some very clan-based (Cancer) thinking.

The U.S. Senate may be ready to compromise on immigration reform, but the House of Representatives is not.

Nelson Mandela, the 94 year old civil rights leader, has apparently made a turn for the better, raising hopes that he will make it to his 8th Jupiter return this coming Sunday.

Jupiter signifies foreigners, justices, and long-distance travel. As he travelled through the last degrees of Gemini, a movement towards inclusiveness could be expected. In Cancer, a more xenophobic vibe could predominate, although the grand trine could mitigate things a bit. What seems to be sure is that everyone on every side of every issue will want things to go their way, "for the good of everyone", of course.

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