Heat Wave

There are several reasons for concern about tomorrow's (Saturday, July 20) plans for nationwide Justice For Trayvon rallies. One is that much of the country is embroiled in the kind of heat wave that is legendary for shortening tempers. But the astrology mirrors the meteorology.

Mars is edging into the grand trine in water, conjuncting Jupiter in Cancer. Mars in Cancer has some strong potentials - it is protective and loyal. But Mars in Cancer is also the image of the Bad Cop - think of the bloated Southern sheriff who puts a klan sheet on over his uniform, one who uses his office to enforce the status quo.

Clan is not an inappropriate word to use. Mars in Cancer can be protective of the clan, the "way we do things around here," a far cry from ideals and principles, or even simply law. Think of police officers with water canons during the Civil Rights Movement, or police in riot gear clubbing kids during the Occupy Movement. Whatever is necessary to keep "the peace."

Of course, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer also oppose Pluto in Capricorn, a reminder that the planets don't take sides. A Sagittarian moon will be stoking up the rhetoric on both sides of the issue, and Mercury stationing to move direct will add a dose of confusion. It's likely the demonstrators will also be under the sway of a kind of clan mentality, and perhaps susceptible to some dubious rhetoric.

Mars is a planet associated with action, too, and Mercury stations are a good time to back away from immediate action, for there is the danger of moving forward on misinformation.

We're likely to see some examples of unconscious mass action tomorrow, from both (or is it every ?) side of the issue. Try to bring as much consciousness and compassion as you can to this difficult time.