Where on Earth, redux

Last week, in anticipation of hot sun-Uranus and sun-Pluto aspects, I pointed out a few places that were likely to get extra attention based on the astrolocality at the time those aspects were exact (see below for the full post, "Where on Earth?"). It seems the astrolocality worked pretty well, although the news is disturbing and I'm not celebrating...

I pointed out that San Francisco was in the crosshairs of two Neptune lines, and related it to the transportation strike in that city. However, the July 6th crash of Flight 214 shows that more than the strike was going on. Neptune involves water, and the plane crashed just at the point where the bay meets the airport. While the cause is unclear, the plane was apparently flying lower and slower than it should have been - by quite a bit - and the attempt to correct these was made too late, and may have contributed to the crash. With Mercury retrograde and Neptune involved, it may be some time before it becomes clear what happened.

An astrolocality map for the time of the crash (which is not specified as of yet - very Neptunian) with local space lines extended from the airport shows something remarkable: the Jupiter line extends across the Pacific, crossing both Seoul, the plane's last stop before San Francisco, and Shanghai, the origin of the flight. Perhaps the helpful influence of Jupiter helps explain why things did not turn out worse than they did. The Saturn station on July 8th has Venus, Uranus, and once again Neptune, near San Francisco, but not directly on the city.

I also drew attention to a Uranus line (at the Uranus-sun aspect) through eastern India (Uranus square to the MC), and this line crossed right through Bodh Gaya, a Buddhist holy place in India that Sunday was the site of deadly bombings. The moons nodes were trine to Bodh Gaya at the Pluto station last Monday.

An almost stationary Saturn was square to the midheaven on Thursday's Uranus-sun aspect in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, the site of a deadly train derailment and fire - the train was carrying crude oil.

Perhaps fortunately for Egypt, the Venus-Uranus trine is powerfully aspected down almost the entire length of the Nile - where almost the entire population lives.

Back in the day, astrologers made great predictions for their cities - think of William Lilly and the Great Fire of London. But then again, they only had one place to work with - today we have to take into account the entire planet. Then, too, the variety of things that could happen and how they would be received was pretty limited, also - there weren't going to be any plane crashes or transit strikes. Still, I have to say that the astrolocality worked pretty well for this turbulent week.