The Big Apple


Keep your eyes open for the November 3rd solar eclipse, at least if you live in New York City and environs. The eclipse is in Scorpio, very close to Saturn, suggesting financial problems (and maybe some sewer issues). It lands in the city’s second house of finances, and Scorpio has to do with banks and finance (Wall Street).

But there’s more than that: Uranus is conjunct the city’s descendant, and in partile opposition to the city’s Jupiter, ruler of the third house (communication and transportation). With Mercury already retrograde, it doesn’t look particularly good for the city’s already challenged infrastructure.

But wait! There’s more. Mars, the red planet, the Cosmic Warrior, is on the midheaven in the chart for the eclipse when set for New York City.

I’m no doom-and-gloom astrologer, and I’m not inclined to start speculating about how this will play out. Hopefully, we will see some enlightened action that shakes the power structures gently but just enough to get some movement.

Yet I can’t help but feel that it could play out in a less positive way, too. Protests could start our peaceful but get very heated, for example. The Scorpio-Capricorn mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto is joined by the eclipse, suggesting consolidation among the power brokers, who are likely to close ranks as they are challenged by the Uranus-Pluto square on November 1st. The opposition of Uranus to the city’s Fat Cat Jupiter suggests New York will be a focal point for the titanic energies playing out in the world.

Keep an eye on the period from October 27th through November 8th, although triggers could emerge before or after. This solar eclipse also comes just two days after the fourth of seven exact hits of the Uranus-Pluto square. Just as the April 2014 aspect lands on the U.S. chart, this one lands heavily in New York, because of the eclipse, and also because the moon is only two degrees off the NYC ascendant when the square is exact.

Other places to watch include Mumbai, Houston, Baghdad (I know, but Pluto in angular), and, of all places, Iceland.