Pluto stations to move direct today, with the moon in Aries as an edgy backdrop.

We're pushed to move forward, perhaps with a take-no-prisoners attitude that could lead to some significant tensions. But Pluto stations are a big deal on the world stage, where power plays reach a peak, and the news surrounding this station is already very telling...

The U.S. House of Representatives has contentiously added a measure that would defund Obamacare, the nation's first and only attempt at comprehensive health care legislation, to the bill that would keep the government funded. Essentially, they are suggesting they will shut down Obamacare or the government. See - take no prisoners, scorched earth. President Obama has said he would veto any such bill, reflecting his own Plutonian determination (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Oh, and the House also voted to cut $4 billion from food stamp programs. That news is strangely parallel to a report from the I.R.S. that showed that the disparity of incomes in the U.S. is at an all-time high, with the top 1% earning more than 19% of all income.

J.P. Morgan Chase was fined $920 million and admitted wrongdoing in last year's London Whale scandal. It is significant that this ruling by the Securities and Exchange Commission comes on the 5th anniversary of the collapse that started the Great Recession - which occurred on Pluto's station in 2008. By the way, $920 million is about 13 day's profits for the bank.

Pope Francis joined in the Plutonian news, as an interview he did last month was published this week. In the interview the pope said that the church is "obsessed" (Pluto) with issues of abortion, gay marriage, and birth control, and was leaning too heavily on dogma and not enough on the message of love. That is Plutonian (as some of the response has also been), although we can perhaps see more of the compassion of the Pisces full moon shining through.

Texas overturned Tom DeLay's conviction... 13 people were shot in a park in Chicago... A Goldman-Sachs banker is arraigned on rape charges... a chemical plant in Oklahoma has exploded... the Middle East... the Plutonian news goes on and on...

Finally, or not finally... someone in South Carolina has won $400 million dollars in the lottery. And what lottery would that be? Powerball.