From an astrological perspective, there could have been only one outcome to the trial of George Zimmerman: increased polarization of the United States. Had he been found guilty, an equally outraged segment of the population would have cried foul. Uranus and Pluto are working the deep alchemy of transformation, and some stages are painful and tragic.

The Zimmerman trial was a symbolic event onto which the country projected issues about gun violence and racism, among others. At a deeper level, beneath the collective discourse, the U.S. is asking itself questions about what it wants to be: questions about divisions by race and class; questions about community and individual rights; questions about the kind of place it has become when a neighborhood watch patrol turns deadly.

Deep questions won’t help either Martin or Zimmerman, of course. In fact, nothing will help Martin. Neither of the two has been particularly lionized - even their supporters have been rather half-hearted about both of them. The pundits who followed the trial like Super Bowl oddsmakers were fond of trashing both Martin and Zimmerman, pretty much ensuring that although there would surely be a victim, it was unlikely that there would be a hero.

The Uranus-Pluto square is bearing down on the U.S. sun. Perhaps it is also significant that Pluto squared the sun of the OJ Simpson verdict less than a day before the Zimmerman verdict. It is also significant that the Uranus-sun square on July 4th passed right through the part of Florida where the trial took place.

In any event, the clear message was bound to be that things are going to get worse before they get better. Deep transformation is not accomplished by resolving issues, but by drawing attention to the impossibility of doing so at our current level of understanding.