Where on Earth?

The Capricorn Ingress and Venus Station

Ah, to be an old-timey astrologer. You only had to focus on your own city. That won’t do today in our interconnected world, so when we have significant astrological aspects, we have to look around the globe to see where the hot spots are...

This December 21st, we had two big events, the Capricorn ingress (Winter Solstice) and Venus stationing to retrograde. These two events happened within a few hours of each other, so the charts are similar - but because the Earth keeps spinning, they fall in different parts of the world.

At the ingress, Pluto lands right on Dublin, suggesting that we might keep our eyes on Ireland.

Jupiter is prominent in London and Seattle, but although that might be good news, we should keep in mind that the Greater Benefic is now knitted into the Uranus-Pluto square. Hot aspects during the first week in January will turn up the heat, and the results may be more excessive than helpful.

Mars makes an appearance in Santiago, Chile, so keep an eye on the news from this recently-pretty-quiet country.

I hate to sound New York-centric, but as with the recent solar eclipse, The Big Apple is once again highlighted, this time with Uranus rising and Mars on the midheaven.

At the eclipse, I suggested public transportation problems, and the crash of a Metronorth train a few weeks later seems to have fit the bill. The opposition of Uranus to NYC’s Jupiter suggested a turnaround, and Democrat Bill DeBlasio was elected to replace Jupitercrat Mike Bloomberg.

The cosmic weather from both the eclipse (which is still active) and the ingress suggest that even difficult events like the train crash are only one level of manifestation. Something is cooking beneath the surface...

At the Venus station, the goddess of love (and values) was on the midheaven just a little east (and south) of Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see what happens in film over the traditionally strong Christmas season.

There is a wide swath of southeastern Australia that is touched by both the ingress and the station.

Of course, to really get a sense of what and where, you need to look at the chart of the place, as well as when and where ‘trigger’ aspects like those from the moon take place. Remember, too, that the ingress sets the tone especially for the next three months, and then reverberates for the entire year. There’s sure to be a lot going on everywhere in 2014, but the places highlighted at the ingress may have key symbolic events that are worth noting.