Mars in Virgo

Mars, the Cosmic Warrior, has entered Virgo, the sign of the harvest. The symbol of Virgo is a goddess holding a shaft of wheat, an image that resonates with the Roman goddess Ceres (in Greek, Demeter).

What does it mean when Mars moves into Virgo? Many things, of course. But right now, we are most likely to see it play out in terms of our food supply. While Mars is in Virgo, look for controversies around the areas of food production and environmental sustainability. Monsanto is very likely to be a focus of concern for many people, as it has been for a while. With Ceres in Virgo, we had a series of protests against Monsanto in the United States and across the world on October 12th, although the protests are part of an ongoing response to the aggressive agrigiant's increasing control over our food supply.

Look for a spike in news about celiac disease and gluten intolerance. In fact, allergies of all kinds may be news with Mars in Virgo (October 15 to December 7, 2013). Keep an eye out for ties between allergic reactions, food intolerance, and the quality of the food supply. We'll be seeing concerns about the effects of mass-produced food on our health. We may also see serious questions raised about vaccines, medicines, and - from the powers-that-be - attempts to tighten the reigns on the food supply, for example by regulating sales of supplements.

We'll be seeing more about the foods we eat and the potential harm they cause, and with the Uranus-Pluto square transforming power structures we will question the corporate and governmental institutions that allow and promote unhealthy foods. Monsanto's growth hormone for milk may cause cancer, and trying to report about it may have gotten two Fox News reporters fired.

Interestingly, Mars is angular at the ingress largely over the world's oceans. Look for stories about the health of the seas, including fish and seaweed that we harvest for consumption.

Mars in Virgo will tightly aspect the November 3rd eclipse and the Uranus-Pluto square on November 1st. As we come to realize how manipulated we've become around food and health and discover the depths of the problem, many people will fight back: through legal means, via protests, and by choosing their foods and medicines more carefully. Expect back-blow from the powers that be, and perhaps some nasty confrontations.

Speaking of nasty confrontations, on October 19th we will have Mars return of the clearing of Zuccotti Park and the end of the Occupy movement. We'll be seeing and hearing some resonance with that event over the next few days. It is particularly significant to note the extent to which our police (Mars) have become the enforcers of corporate policy - something both liberals and conservatives voice concern over.

In a world of budget battles, real battles, terrorist attacks, government spying, and economic woe, food may seem like a simple, almost unimportant issue. But nothing happens if we don't eat - everything else depends on the food supply. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn (the sign of the farmer) are going to remind us of this, probably in some very graphic ways, over the next few months.