Astrology Forecasts

What do you do with an astrology forecast?

It’s snowing today in New York. But that doesn’t mean that all New Yorkers are going to be out in the cold. Lots of us will be inside, whether that means being cold or comfy. And some of us will be out of town, missing the storm entirely. For those of us who do trudge around in the snow, some will be shoveling their cars out of or into parking spaces, while others will be sloshing through the subways. Clearly, we will have many different experiences of the day’s weather.

Astrology forecasts, whether written for the day, month, or year, describe the overall mood or feeling-tone of the time. They are most relevant for all of us collectively, and describes the sort of emotional weather we will be moving through. It helps to back away from your personal experiences just a bit in order to see how the cosmic symbols are manifesting.

What each of us is experiencing, however, may be very different from the overall trend, just as some people will sleep in on this snowy day while others will barrel ahead with business as usual. We may describe the waning, void, Pisces moon as a time to go inward and meditate, but if it is opposing your Uranus-Pluto-Mars in Virgo, you may feel very differently about it. The personal transits that we experience are more powerful to us on an individual level than the overall cosmic weather. Still, it helps to know the kind of collective mood you’ll be operating within.

Use the forecasts to time your actions when working with others, and to help understand why things may seem to be moving quickly - or slowly. Astrological forecasts aren’t meant to slow you down or stop you from pursuing your goals, but to add an additional layer of information.