Looking for a Job?

5 ways astrology can help

1) Personalize your resume so that it matches your astrological profile. Stock catch phrases may work, but why not use key words that resonate with your chart? People will respond better to messages that are genuine.

2) Schedule your interview at a good time. Oh... your big interview is on a void moon? You sent out your resume with Mercury retrograde? Here's a better option: pick days and times that are astrologically in tune with your purpose.

3) Timing career decisions. Big changes can happen from out of the blue, but if you're feeling restless and wanting a career transition, it can be helpful to know whether to wait a bit or jump now.

4) Location, location, location. If you're ready to go mobile, astrology can be extraordinarily helpful in finding places where you shine.

5) Dress for success. I'm no fashionisto, but wearing clothes that harmonize with your sun sign and other career factors in the chart helps to convey who you are professionally.

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