A Roar of Energy

If the Libra full moon conjures up images of balance and harmony, you may be surprised by this year's model.

Libra is about balance and harmony, of course, and at the full moon the sun and moon sit opposite each other, perched like two orbs of equal size on each of the zodiac. At sunset, you can see them balancing on the Western and Eastern horizons. But let's not forget that the sun is actually millions of times larger than the moon, and is in fact providing not only its own light, but the light we see reflected from the moon as well. In other words, the balance we see is an optical illusion. (For more on this, pick up Eric Meyers' excellent book The Astrology of Awakening).

On many Libra full moons, however, the illusion is maintained, and balance and order prevail. The individualistic, independent power of Aries is reflected back by our societal norms and conventions, as well as consideration of our friends, family, and partners. Independence is tempered by consideration. If we've been too selfish, the Libra full moon can shine the light on the mess we've made. If we've been too humble, the scales are balanced in the other direction and we are encouraged to assert more individuality. That's why we say that the Libra moon throws light on relationships.

This year, however, the scales are likely to be found way out of balance, or be pushed over entirely. We come into this full moon shaking off long moon voids (and we'll go into them again, too). Under the surface of the moon's void fiery hot aspects have been forming all week (extending from Friday the 22nd all the way through the end of the month). Mars has been aspecting not only the revolutionary energy of the Uranus-Pluto square, but also the awkward Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto yod.

Lots has been said about the Uranus-Pluto square (click here for my video, for example). The yod is shorter acting, but not without significance. Saturn and Pluto have been cooperating to keep the status quo, favoring the powerful and well-connected, at least for a time. Jupiter, looking from across the zodiac in Gemini, stirs up tensions by representing a more progressive, democratic energy.

We can see that progressive social and political causes have a great deal of energy, but are not finding a lot of expression. Perhaps the best example - appropriately an issue with the moon in Virgo - is about Monsanto being protected from litigation in the U.S., but many news stories show the tension. In our personal lives, too, we can feel a building tension that affects our relationships with others - not just our partners - and which also exists as a psychic tension within ourselves.

This full moon is an opportunity for the pent-up energy of the past few weeks and months to come roaring out. Rather than being considerate of the other person, we're likely to take aim at them, making them the target of our anger. The restrictions others have placed on us, no matter how benignly, are likely to be fought off during the last week in March. Expect another peak of energy on the 29th, as the sun aspects these same points. Venus gets into the act after the full moon, so we may see that personal partnerships (and finances) are indeed part of the picture.

So, don't expect a placid full moon on any level. This is an opportunity to express ourselves, and the frenetic energy of the full moon will be evident. But while this is an opportunity for expression, don't expect everything to come out now - that will have to wait until Jupiter is more overtly in the picture, beginning in August.