Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini full moon challenges us to accept and integrate multiple perspectives, to hold more than one truth simultaneously. The sun in Sagittarius shoots the archer’s arrow upward on an ascent seeking truth: it is an energy that seeks union, to unite the parts in a whole. But Gemini is a dual sign, representing multiplicity.

The fiery spirit apprehends the truth in a flash of insight, but it is then expressed in words, where the unity must be broken into separate pieces and displayed sequentially. Intuition - fire, spirit - confronts thought - air and mind. Thoughts charged with emotion are beliefs, which function like idea genes that move through the collective, influencing our reality in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. At the reflective moment of this full moon, we can assess their value.

The full moon in Gemini encourages us to recognize that we swim in a sea of multiple truths about reality that are each as ‘real’ as the experience that supports them. Knowing how and when to shift among these realities is a great challenge, one we are collectively just beginning to understand.

Back in the day, we would express the full moon in Gemini along the lines of, “to each his own” or “live and let live” - benign acceptance of different viewpoints. Recently, we are coming to understand that reality itself is contextual, that reality looks different depending upon your viewpoint. Both Gemini and Sagittarius can appreciate this complexity: Gemini thrills to the diversity while Sagittarius wonders at the ever-changing relationships among ideas.

When the sun is in a Fire sign, the moon will always be full in an Air sign. The unity of Fire is challenged to express itself, to move from being a moment of illumination into new forms - inspiration becomes reality via expression. With the sun in Aries, the self encounters the other, in Libra. When the sun is in Leo, the individual confronts the collective. In the more transpersonal sign of Sagittarius, the idea, the insight, is detached from the ego and moves on its own, yet can only be expressed when transduced to words.

This full moon closely aligns with the station of the planet Uranus in Aries. A little more than eight hours after the full moon, the planet of rapid insight, revolution, and individuality moves direct after its retrograde period. Uranus stations are edgy: patience is in short supply and the new and exciting takes precedence over the traditional. Combined with the Gemini full moon, we are getting ready to overturn values that hold us back, individually and collectively.

We are at the start of a three week period when the cosmic energy will pull us strongly towards the changes that we need to make (whether or not we want them). It’s going to be life in the fast lane, and we’ll need to stay alert and make rapid adjustments. It may feel like driving too fast on the highway in rainy weather - we realize it’s dangerous, but stopping is not an option.